Payday Loans

Discount Advances

Discount Advances…when you think about what it offers, there’s just one thing that crosses your mind: freedom of access. In your lifetime, you’ll come across many payday lenders who are very obstructive but Discount Advances isn’t one of these kinds of lenders. Rather, it’s the kind of payday lender that will “lend” money to people who have to have it right away.

It’s for this very reason that Discount Advances has been able to separate itself from the other lenders and lower rates. It’s also been recognized as being the company who doesn’t mind doing more for their customers so things are a bit easier.

Who Will Qualify For A Loan with Discount Advances

Discount Advances is one payday lender that stands out, as they’ll give loans to any person who needs the money. This is wonderful news for folks who’ve been told “No” previously. There are two things you must have if you’re going to qualify for a loan:

- Income

- Bank account

There’s no need to fax Discount Advances forms or give names for references. All you’ll need to provide is the proof of income, full-time or part-time… it doesn’t matter.

What type of person will qualify for a loan? Someone is self-employed can be told yes. A person drawing a social security check can be told yes. Someone who has part-time employment can be told yes. It’s so easy to get a loan from Discount Advances, which is wonderful news for people working non-traditional positions.  After all, this payday lender knows that these are the folks that most need the payday loans.

Moneygram – What About The Idea?

Discount Advances give their repeat customers another option to obtain the money quicker. They do present persons with a next-day loan service. However, a newer option is the Moneygram.  That means repeat customers have the option of picking up their money at any Moneygram location, which makes things go smoother and quicker.

A Look At The Fees and Limits

Like the majority of other payday loan businesses, Discount Advances give people loans based on the certain mitigating facts. The fees of the loan will depend on the state in which you live, as states tend to regulate these businesses. The majority of folks can get at least $1,000 but this does depend on the amount of income in the home and how stable the job you have is. Since everything is looked at case by case, it’s always good to ask about a loan based on your circumstance.